– Winner – Paris Design Awards (DNA) 2021 – Product Design/ Media and Home Electronics Category
– Winner – Paris Design Awards (DNA) 2021 – Product Design/ Design for People Category
– Bronze – A’ Design Award and Competition 2019-20 – Digital and Electronic Devices Design Category

“Track the past, order the present, and design your future.”
Doodlight is a laser projector. It is used as an optical guidance to help you design a bullet journal easier and faster. Doodlight is a little friend who is always with your bullet journal. Whit this product, you can easily implement any idea about design, font, margin you have in mind with the same quality on your bullet journal. “Doodlight” is a combination of the words “bullet Doodle” and “Light (Laser)”.
During planning and designing them in a bullet journal, managing design elements and page space is often difficult and sometimes unsuccessful. In addition, it is not easy for everyone to draw various fonts, shapes, etc, at correct proportions. Doodlight solved these problems. It has an App. Put the desired shapes and texts in the app. Then transfer them to the product via Bluetooth. The Doodlight displays them on the paper with laser light. Now track the light and draw the designs on the paper.
First, open the Doodlight app, which is already installed on the mobile device. Then select the size of the bullet journal paper. Then select margin. Now, Click the Add button to select the doodles, fonts, and whatever you need to design your bullet journal page. You can change the size of them and design them on the App as you like. When the designed page is complete, press the Doodlight button to send your designed page to the product via Bluetooth. Now, place the doodlight on top of the bullet journal paper. The product displays your designed page on the paper with a laser light. Now track the laser light and draw the designs on the bullet journal paper.
There is a power button on top and focus and zooming button on side of the product. It can be charged with a USB cable. Also below the product is a clamp so that when used, the product can be easily fixed on the bullet journal.
This product is based on industrial laser projectors. It is an optical guidance and it displays the laser light as a guide to draw on the paper. It has one laser light source for single-color projection. Data transfer technology is both wired and wireless, and data is transferred from mobile to product via Bluetooth or USB cable. A USB cable is also used to charge the product.
In today’s digital world, time management with new methods is very important because it is faster and more complete. Bullet Journal is also used for planning. According to my research, in some cases there may be a problem while designing bullet journal pages, drawing shapes, different fonts, page layout and so on. Sometimes it takes a long time to design a page. Sometimes it is necessary to draw with a pencil and then use a marker or pen to highlight the correct lines. The research eventually led to the design of the Doodlight.
An important challenge in using a bullet journal is to solve problems and difficulties while designing its pages. With this product, you can more easily manage journal design. You can design faster and with the same quality you want. You can edit the designed journal many times before drawing on paper. Another challenge was trying to shrink the product as much as possible so that the user could easily carry it with her/his bullet journal.