2019/ 2021

. Finalist Winner, London International Creative Competition (LICC) 2022, Use (Product)/ Media and Electronic products Category
. Bronze, A’ Design Award and Competition 2020-21, Computers and Computer Accessories Design Category

The name of this VR headset is Pineal. It is inspired by the pineal gland. The Pineal is the name of a gland in the brain that is located deep in the brain and between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The Pineal gland has historically been the symbol of the third eye. The Pineal headset is the third eye that enables the experience of seeing the world of virtual reality.
Pineal is a standalone VR headset and can be used without the need for a computer or mobile phone. Pineal is lighter because it is made of lighter materials. It is easier to use due to the design factors and pure form and avoiding any complexity. The ergonomics of the controllers have been improved for more comfort while using. The ergonomics of the strap and cushion have also been improved to increase balance and support.
Turn on the headset by pressing the power button on the product. Put the headset on. You can adjust the straps to fit your head easily. If necessary, adjust the distance between the lenses and your eyes with the adjusting scroll wheel under the product. When the device is turned on, the controllers will connect to the headset automatically. The headset and controllers are connected together via Bluetooth. Pineal is a standalone VR headset and can be used without the need for a computer or mobile phone. If you need a Wi-Fi internet connection, hold the power button for 5 seconds and then select your desired network by the motion controller and connect to it. Pure design and avoidance of formal and functional complexities, has made the process of visual use simple, which makes working with it easy and enjoyable for everyone.