Shine and Find




– Gold – European Product Design Award (ePDA) 2019 – Education/ Teaching Aids Category
– Silver – European Product Design Award (ePDA) 2019 – Toy Design/ Educational Toy Category
– Bronze – A’ Design Award and Competition 2018-19 – Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Category

Shine and Find is an educational product for educating the Constellation to astronomy students. In this, the board is inspired by the night sky and the glass marble lamps are inspired by the sky stars that by placing the marbles together on the board, Constellations will be made. To help to making Constellations, the product has 88 cards (all of the 88 modern constellation information). The image and name of each Constellation is on the face of a card and the information are on the other side.
The most important advantage of this product is the ease of learning and memory Improvement. In Shine and Find, every Constellation is made practically, and this challenge is repeatedly practiced. It makes a durable image in mind. Learning in this way (practical + study + repeat) is not boring and makes more durable Memory and enjoyable. It is very emotional, interactional, simple, pure, minimal and modern.
It has a board (10*10tips), 18 glass marbles (with lamp inside each one) and 88 cards. First take a card. Then, by looking at the image of Constellation on the card put the marbles on their tips. By placing the marbles on the board (night sky), the marble lamps will turn on and shine (stars). In the sequel and making more stars (Shine), at last the constellation will emerge (Find). Description is behind of the card. To charging, use cable. when charge has been completed, the cable must be removed.
Board makes from matte plastic. It has 100 tips (10*10). Inside each tip there is a point with conductive material (pole -) and a ring with conductor material (pole +) around it to connection with the conductive ring and point on the glass marble lamp. Marbles made from glass. There is a lamp inside each marble. On each marble there is a point with conductive material (pole +) and a ring with conductor material (pole -) around it to connection with the conductive ring and point on the board tip.
Board: The dimensions of board are 160*160*16 mm that consists of 100 circular tips arranged in 10*10. The Radius dimension of each of tips is 4mm that can accommodate a marble. Marbles: 18 glass marbles, includes 9 small marbles (Radius Dimension:5mm) and 9 big marbles (Radius Dimension:10mm). Cards: 88 unique cards. by 146.62*65.74 mm. Each card has an image, name and information of a constellation. USB cables: The length of Cable is 400mm. Package: The dimensions of package box are 190*190*60 mm.
In addition to design, Mohamad Montazeri is a promoter of astronomy, and over the times, he has been witnessing students’ problems in learning astronomy. According to Montazeri’s research on constellation learning by amateur astronomy students, learning all the details of constellations (images, numbers and placards of stars in each constellation, etc.) is hard, boring, time-consuming and forgettable. So Mohamad Montazeri decided to design an educational product to help to learning Constellations. That is Shine and Find.
According to the results of research part, Mohamad Montazeri designed the Shine and Find to improve the educating of Constellations. It is not hard, boring, time-consuming, forgettable and a single use and we can use it times and times whenever we want to learn something about Constellations. Spending good and fun time and in addition to the educational aspect of the product. Joining aesthetics, interaction and education besides emotional connection between Shine and Find and user is Montazeri’s main concern.